About Us

Nak Suu Rugby Academy Bangkok

Is an initiative responding to the overwhelming need for preventative methods to protect and restore children at risk.

Who We Are

Nak Suu Rugby Academy is a charity to encourage and educate children in positive life choices, values, and skills. According to studies, sport-based programs used as a practical tool to engage children benefit their physical and psychological well-being. The core values taught in sports empower individuals and train youngsters to succeed and excel in life.Bangkok nak suu rugby academy

These efforts have transformed into a rugby academy that caters to underprivileged children and youth. These players have come straight out of some of the most difficult places in Bangkok, and by practicing rugby and obtaining life skills development, this unique academy has evolved into more than just a game. It is a place to learn about teamwork, a place to make friends, a place to be believed in, and to dream. For some this program has become a place of refuge, but most of all it’s where they can live, learn and grow together. Nak Suu is an initiative to Change Lives Forever.

Our Inspiration

Children at the highest risk of being subjected to prostitution, drug and substance abuse, teenage pregnancy and child labor are from families wrought with poverty. Without direct intervention in their lives, an entire generation of disadvantaged youth will not have the training, skills and character needed to successfully live a healthy life and thus, will slip between the cracks of society.

Who We Help

Bangkok rugby kidsNak Suu Rugby Academy Bangkok works directly with children and youth at risk, which includes boys and girls under the age of 18. Our players come from slum communities of Bangkok who do not otherwise have such opportunities available to them. The majority of the children are directly affected by poverty.

The number of disaffected Thai youth grows, and Nak Suu is dedicated to seeking out these valuable souls, and providing them with a unique opportunity to grow to their full potential. Some of these youth have already developed into promising leaders, and the number of positively affected youth continues to rise.

What Nak Suu Rugby Academy Does

Bangkok nak suu rugby academy Staff, coaches and volunteers of Nak Suu are committed to mentoring these children so that they will be empowered and encouraged to continue their development and make positive changes in their own lives as well as in their surrounding communities. We dedicate our time to further educate and train these young boys and girls, in an effort to instill in them various significant life skills and knowledge.

So how do we help these youngsters grow physically and mentally, and encourage core values and leadership qualities? We implement several different programs and activities throughout the year.