Nak Suu Kids

Awesome little video made by the ladies The Hearts Company while on there trip here in Bangkok. Go check them out and see what they are up to!! #naksuu #naksuurugby #changinglives #kids #heartsco #video #love #whatwedo

Posted by Nak Suu Rugby Academy on Monday, November 5, 2018

This is Awesome little video was made by the ladies at The Hearts Company while on there trip here in Bangkok.



Nak Suu at BIT 2018

This is a video done by “The Rugby Lovers Guide to Asia” at the BIT 2018. Where some of our kids had little interviews and a chat with some of our staff and volunteers throughout the year on why they do what they do. Have a watch and enjoy!!



Noble Warrior

If you have ever wondered how Nak Suu came to be, then you should watch this video!!



Rugby Asia Channel Interview 2016

The Rugby Asia Channel came to cover the Bangkok 10’s again for 2016 and while here gave a short interview to Nak Suu



Rugby Asia Channel Interview 2015

The Rugby Asia Channel had come to cover the Bangkok 10’s 2015 and while here gave Interviewed Nak Suu to find out more about the program



Bangkok 10’s 2013 Slideshow

This slideshow was used as a promo video at our tent for the Bangkok 10’s 2013



From the Nak Suu vault

This is a video from back in the day when Nak Suu was first started. This was the kids first game ever at the Bangkok International 10’s