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Fall Camp – Fun Time

Fall camp takes place in October, and is more about a fun time, being creative, and showcasing the kids’ talents. The camp targets a much larger, diverse group from Bangkok and is easier to earn points to attend. Over the course of a few days, the kids take turns participating in groups based on their abilities or desire to learn a new skill. We refer to the groups as “crews”, and each crew is associated with a different category including music, dance, drama, art, and athletics. Camp Crews The Music Crew – This group is for those who like to sing, play, or make music.  Kids can practice singing popular songs, or write new ones, play an instrument, learn to make...
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Camp Zoe – Character Development

Camp Zoe, a leadership-focused and advanced character development program, is held in April of each year. It targets a specific, smaller group of underprivileged kids who are perceived to have outstanding leadership potential. Mission- Our mission is to impact the lives of under-privileged youth through intentional encouragement,  and mentorship in order to positively influence and better their future. Description- Camp Zoe means ‘life’ and it is our heart that in providing an annual camp that underprivileged children will experience life in all aspects: Their life is valuable and important Their life has purpose  Their lives are to be used to bless others and contribute to society   This camp has been a life changing experience for many of our kids who...
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