The Nak Suu Rugby Academy is dedicated to changing lives. It is our hope to integrate development through sport, group activities, leadership training, life skills, moral and character development, basic healthcare as well as intellectual training through the teaching of English. Click on links below to learn more about each program.


Rugby Academy

The Rugby Academy is an outlet to reach out to the underprivileged kids living in Bangkok. Like most Sports rugby is a way to help build Character, Discipline, Respect and as well Fitness. By learning the skills of rugby we hope to see these kids grow up to respectable young men and women in their communities that they are from and be able to pass on the the skills they have learned to their family and friends.

Bangkok Rugby Nak Suu programs

Leadership Development

Our mentoring program takes place during Nak Suu practices, but also expands throughout the weekdays with specialized sessions. The coaches, staff, and volunteers visit the kids communities and engage in mentoring and counseling with each individual Nak Suu youth and sometimes their families. This process is significant to keeping continuous involvement in these children’s’ lives, while also building important relationships.

Bangkok Rugby English programs

Nak Suu Christmas

Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year,” as the saying goes, and Nak Suu is a great way to share the spirit of the holidays with our fellow warriors. This Christmas program is extra special because it takes place at the end of the Nak Suu Rugby Academy season, which is perfect time to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of all our players.

Bangkok Rugby christmas programs