Our English for Thais program takes place during every practice. For many of our players, this is the only opportunity they have to learn and practice English. Because of the many advantages and opportunities that come from knowing English in Thailand, we felt that this was an important program to incorporate in Nak Suu.

English for Thais Volunteer Teacher

english for thaisThe curriculum and lessons are planned and taught by our volunteer certified schoolteacher, Clare Messink. Clare is from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has a Bachelor’s degree from Hope College in Language Arts, Mathematics, and Elementary Education.  She has been teaching middle school Math and Spanish at International Community School in Bangkok since August 2011. She also has many years of experience with children in preschool, daycare, tutoring, sports coaching, and youth group settings.

Total Physical Response System (TPR)

The English for Thais curriculum currently used in this program is based on the Total Physical Response System. The TPR active learning philosophy is great for our student population at Nak Suu because of their varying ages and abilities. Clare produces the English vocabulary and stories herself by trying to find words that the kids will encounter in their everyday lives. She also writes simple stories that are a fun but still have real life context.

The players who do attend school learn poor pronunciation from their teachers, who commonly are native Thai speakers, and who themselves are not skilled at english language pronunciation. For this reason, Nak Suu is their main opportunity to learn from and interact with native English speakers. Claire’s goal for our players is to improve their speaking, listening and pronunciation abilities.