leadership developmentOur mentoring and leadership development program takes place not only during Nak Suu practices, but also expands throughout the weekdays with more specialized sessions. The coaches, staff, and volunteers visit the slum communities that our rugby players call home and engage in more personal mentoring and counseling with each individual youth and sometimes their families. This process is significant to keeping continuous involvement in these childrens’ lives, while also building important relationships with each child and their community. Giving constant guidance also helps to ensure that our youth are putting into practice these positive life choices, values and skills in their personal lives, outside of Nak Suu. In Thai culture, having and building relationships with others is very important.  For this reason, it is important for their families and communities to see and know the people their youth are working and engaging with, so they can feel more comfortable and willing to allow their children to stay involved in Nak Suu and and our organization.

Leadership Development

leadership developmentEach Friday night, we offer a Youth Night event at our main office dedicated to building deeper relationships with the older players of Nak Suu, while also furthering their life and leadership development. This particular group of members we like to refer to as the ‘Core Group’ because they are our promising future leaders and mentors. During Youth Night, they participate in group mentoring sessions on a more mature and personal level with the coaches, staff and volunteers. Aside from mentoring, activities such as eating dinner as a family, singing songs, sharing personal life stories, and playing games encourages further interaction and provide us with valuable opportunities to input in their lives. Every friday session usually involves at least one motivational speaker.

The Core Group is expected to share their own personal insights, and encourage one another to keep growing and make positive life choices. The group is also given a few responsibilities to carry out during practices, and we rely on them to serve as positive role models and mentors to the younger members.