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     Nak Suu Rugby Academy, caters to underprivileged children and youth. These players have come straight out of some of the most difficult places in Bangkok, and by practicing rugby this unique academy has evolved into more than just a game. It is a place to learn about teamwork and build character, a place to make friends, a place to learn about respect, a place to be believed in, and to dream. For some this program has become a place of refuge, but most of all it’s where they can live, learn and grow together.

Here is how children grow by playing rugby:

          - Playing in a team helps them learn about sportsmanship, team spirit and cooperation. 

          - Respecting their opponents teaches them about healthy conflict

          -The Competition aspect helps bring a healthy sense of competition and motivation to achieve their goals

          -Like most sports helps them develop physical fitness, strength and coordination

          - Rugby helps increase confidence and self-respect

          - The competition of rugby helps bring kids from all sorts of background together to have fun.

Growth & Development

     Nak Suu Rugby Academy doe more than just rugby with the kids, we also focus on bringing valuable life skills and mentoring into their lives to help provide better opportunities so that they may succeed in all aspects of their lives. Some things we do are make weekly visit to the orphanage and spend time with the kids whether it's playing sport, music, helping with homework or just being there as someone they can talk to.

     We also like to provide both fun and Educational opportunities for the kids when possible. Some things we might do are take the kids swimming, go bowling or to some other fun interactive place. We look for business that might want to host the kids and do a career day sort of thing or teach them about their business.

     For example we had Jamie Olivers restaurant at Siam discovery called "Jamies Italian" have all the kids come up for International pasta day. They talked to the kids about all the different kinds of pasta and what goes into making them. Then they made a few different pastas to show the kids and let the kids help out. After that we went to sit at the dining tables and they prepared a wonder full meal and dessert for all the kids and even made some pasta dishes using the pasta that they had previously just made. It was fun, educational and the kids got enjoy a great meal out if, and we were very blessed by the opportunity to do that with the kids.

     If you know of anything or would like to host the kids for something please contact us and we would love to be able to create more opportunities like this for all the kids.

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